Waiting for Christmas with Rituals…

Do you know what you can do while waiting for Christmas ? You can offer yourself this beautiful advent calendar by Rituals. Rituals is a luxurious and affordable products for home and body brand. Rituals is inspired by the anciant traditions of Asian cultures and their products are natural. They don’t test on animals, no child labour and they respect the planet by making recyclable packaging.


I decided to buy this calendar because I didn’t knew their products before. I wanted to try it so the best way to do it is to have a sample of their bestsellers.


Everyday, I will discover a new product. I will try it and give you a review of it ! I will update this post everyday until the 24th of December, so keep tuned ! 🙂

Tomorrow, I will discover my first Rituals product! I can’t wait !



1. Today was the day! I opened my first window of my advent calendar! I was so excited this morning to open it.

My first gift of this Rituals advent calendar is this gorgeous hand lotion.  This hand lotion is made with indian rose and sweet almond oil. The smell of it is just amazing!




2. My second gift of the Rituals advent calendar is this foarming shower gel.  This shower gel is enriched with refreshing eucalyptus and revitalising rosemary. The smell of it is so luxurious. When you put this on your body, you feel so good as if you where in a real hammam.

rituals cosmetic


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