Waiting for Christmas with Rituals…

Do you know what you can do while waiting for Christmas ? You can offer yourself this beautiful advent calendar by Rituals. Rituals is a luxurious and affordable products for home and body brand. Rituals is inspired by the anciant traditions of Asian cultures and their products are natural. They don’t test on animals, no child labour and they respect the planet by making recyclable packaging.


I decided to buy this calendar because I didn’t knew their products before. I wanted to try it so the best way to do it is to have a sample of their bestsellers.


Everyday, I will discover a new product. I will try it and give you a review of it !

Tomorrow, I will discover my first Rituals product! I can’t wait!


1. Today was the day! I opened my first window of my advent calendar! I was so excited this morning to open it.

My first gift of this Rituals advent calendar is this gorgeous hand lotion.  This hand lotion is made with indian rose and sweet almond oil. The smell of it is just amazing!

2. My second gift of the Rituals advent calendar is this foarming shower gel.  This shower gel is enriched with refreshing eucalyptus and revitalising rosemary. The smell of it is so luxurious. When you put this on your body, you feel so good as if you where in a real hammam.

rituals cosmetic

3. 4. 5. 6. I received 4 candles  on different days but it doesn’t matter because they smell so good! When I received the first one, I was a little bit sad because it smelled so good and I thought it will end quickly. But, fortunately, I received 3 more of them !

I like to burn them while I am taking a shower or taking care of my body while drinking a cup of tea. A really relaxing moment.

7. I was very surprised when I open a window this morning! I didn’t know that Rituals had makeup! I was pretty excited to try it so I did it on my make up routine. I really like it! My eyelashes were big and separated so it was a good surprise.

This is the 3-in-1 Rituals Mascara .



8. 9. I discovered this 2 foaming showers gel on different days. The concept of them is the same of my second gift. When I first try it, it was weird because of the consistency. It looks like shave gel! 

It feels really great on the body and even when you take it off, you dry your body with a towel and you put your clothes one, it stills smell good! Your whole house smells like you! 🙂 

The red one is the ritual of Ayurveda foaming shower gel and the blue one is the ritual of hammam foaming shower gelBoth are very good, but I prefer the Ayurveda one because of the rose’s smell.

10. Today, I tried this makeup cleansing wipes. I’ve tried so many brands and they were all great. Those ones are great too! The best thing about them is the soft feeling on your skin. It doesn’t irritate your skin.



11. Now, let’s talk about this black soap. This thing is amazing! When I tried it, I was impressed how well it cleans your skin.

I like to use it to open up my pores and to exfoliate my skin next.

12. This accessory is perfect to use with a scrub or a black soap or even on dry skin. It really helps to remove dead skin and to help blood circulation.



13. This scrub is the first one that I tried from Rituals. This is the sea salt hot scrub with ginger and eucalyptus. This one is great because you have salt crystals in there. It does really well its job but the smell of it for a scrub is not my favorite. I really like super rich and nourrish scrub and this one is great to purify your skin but I don’t feel my skin nourrished.

14. 15. I got these 2 little travel kits on different days. The first one is the Ritual of Ayurveda shower gel and the second one is the Ritual of Samurai shampoo. They are both very good specially the shampoo. After using this, your scalp felt really clean.



16. 17. These two products that are complementary. This first one is the Ritual of Sakura magic touch body cream and the second one is the Ritual of Sakura softening rice scrub. I tried both at the same time and the result is amazing! I prefer this scrub than the sea salt eucalyptus one because this one nourrishes more my skin. The body cream feels like whipped cream on your body. I love it!!

18.   This morning, I received this magnesium bath crystals (not found online)! I tried it and it is amazing on your bath. Perfect to relax while watching Grey’s Anatomy and drinking tea. The only thing I don’t like about it is the packaging. Not very luxurious comparing to other products of the brand…



19.  This product is amazing when you are late in the morning and you don’t have too much time to take to relax while taking a shower. This product is the Samurai cool down 2 in 1 shampoo and shower gel! Yes, you can wash your body and hair with the same product! It is perfect for travel too and it does the job really well.

20.  I received this soap bar made with mandarin and Yuzu (not found online). It smells good and it looks like hotel products so it’s perfect for washing your hands and put it on your bathroom.



21.  Ok, I don’t need to buy showers gels for a time…I received so many in this Chrystmas Calendar but it’s ok because they are all good and they smell like heaven! This one is one of my favorites because the smell of it is very relaxing. It must be the white lotus that creates this relaxing effect. 

Let’s talk about my TOP 3 favorites products:


22.   My top three loved products starts with this Ritual of Dao calming bed and body mist with lotus and yi yi ren. I felt in love with this product when I sprayed it on my pillow. It is so good to go to bed and relax with this sent. It makes part of my night routine now and I am going to buy the big one because I really like it.  




23.   This one is one of my favorites products too. This is the Ritual of Dao relaxing serum and it makes part of my night routine too. This serum relax your body when you apply it your neck and forehead. The smell of it is amazing and I really feel relaxed and ready to have a good night of sleep. I am surely going to buy the big one.


24.   Finally, here is my third favorite product, it is the Ritual of Dao night balm for the hands. This hand cream is very soft and nourrishes very well my hands during the night. I like to use it before going to bed as well as my pillow spray and my relaxing serum. These three combinaisons are my bed routine to speel weel. I am surely going to buy the big one. 


What I think about Rituals ?

To conclude, thanks to this advent calendar by Rituals I discovered this brand everyday until Christmas! I discovered very good products, like my top three products, that I am going to buy. I checked out their prices and I think this brand is not too expensive for the quality of the products. So, it was a very good idea to discover this brand.