How to style midi dresses or midi skirts in winter ?

Midi dresses and midi skirts are lifesavers when it comes to winter fashion. In fact, during the cold months you tend to always wear the same thing: big sweater and jeans or black tights and dresses. Midi dresses and midi skirts can completly change your winter fashion because you can do really interesting looks.

How to style midi skirts in winter ?

The secret to style midi skirts in winter is to start your look by choosing your midi skirt. Your midi skirt is the key piece of your look. Don’t be afraid to choose a midi skirt out of the box!


All those outfits have a statement midi skirt. As your midi skirt is the key piece of your look, you need to be more classic and basic for the rest. It is important to balance your outfit in order to don’t turn things the wrong way. For example, your midi skirt is a statement piece so you need to wear a basic top like a plain color tshirt or sweater. Also, you need to choose simple shoes like black boots or pumps or even white sneakers. It’s all about balance.

how to style midi dresses in winter?

As well as midi skirts, midi dresses are in this winter. You can style them different ways. For a classic and chic look you can wear them with heels and a fancy coat. For a more confy and casual outfit, you can style them with low boots and black tights.


As you can see, it’s all about mixing textures and balacing styles to have a polished look. Don’t be afraid to wear a fancy dress with white sneakers! Fashion it’s all about taking some risks!

Now, I am going to show the day outfit that I wore in Geneva. I styled a midi dress with boots and black tights. It was cold so I needed to dress warm.





OUTFIT DETAILS (or similar ones):


I really like to wear this outfit because it is warm and confortable so it is perfect for the winter time. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post! Leave me a coment to tell me what is your favorite outfit in winter!


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