Evaliah Grace by Hannah Polites: How to style the Lace Bailey Bodycoon Dress ?

Hi everyone !

Today I will share with you my outfit by Evaliah Grace when I was on vacation at Miramar La Cigale Hotel. The main piece of this outfit is my new lace bailey bodycoon dress designed by Hannah Polites. If you don’t know her, Hannah Polites is an Instagram model. She is known thanks to her fit body and her dream aussie lifestyle and more recently after her incredible pregnancy. After giving birth, she created her own fashion brand, Evaliah Grace, the name of her beautiful baby.


When I first went to her website, it was very hard for me to chose one piece to order. Everything was so beautiful, elegant and luxury look !

As a result, I decided to order one of her beautiful pieces: this lavander lace dress !


As I wanted to wear this dress for the day time and I didn’t want to be too fancy.

That’s why I decided to wear it with a jean jacket and white sneackers.


Concerning my accessories, I choose to pick this beautiful Michael Kors bag because the colour match the dress !


I love details ! This little cut at the middle of the upper body that shows the skin is so amazing ! As the upper dress isn’t low cut, this opening is beautiful and allows to the dress to be less « strict »  !


Moreover, as you can see, the fabric of the dress looks really good ! When I ordered it, I was affraid that the fabric looked cheap and not elegant. So, I was very surprised at the end !


I’m very happy with my first purchase at Evaliah Grace ! I think I am going to order again !

While waiting to see my next purchase, I am going to give you the link of this dress:


By the way,  it is worldwide free shipping and free returns ! 😀

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article, if you have any questions or coments you can leave it below ! 🙂